Prior to coming to us, many of our pupils have had such a negative experience trying to learn to read that they have lost faith in themselves and their own ability, as well as the ability of those around them to help.

It is a sad thing when a bright child judges themselves a “failure” at age seven. A feeling that can be reinforced and magnified by age nine or ten. We create a level playing field, embedding dyslexia friendly teaching across our broad curriculum. Small, personally tailored learning groups led by highly trained teachers and supported by in house therapists and learning assistants is what makes the difference for individual children at Moon Hall School.

It is both a joy and a privilege to be able to watch our children grow in self-worth and confidence as their literacy and numeracy skills improve.

All children are individuals. Many dyslexics are creative, innovative thinkers and may exhibit exceptional right-brain strengths. We seek to recognise and foster those natural talents, whether in art, drama, design and technology, sport or computing. A significant number of our Year 6 leavers have gained scholarships to secondary schools. Several have later graduated with good degrees, including those from Oxbridge colleges.

We understand each of our children, help them to develop trust in themselves and resilience. They learn to see themselves as capable individuals, equipped with strategies that work for them, personally, for life.

You are very welcome to visit us. You will find a friendly, happy atmosphere where the children (and staff) enjoy each other’s company.

Please contact our registrar, Catherine Gear (01306 731464) to arrange a visit.

I look forward to welcoming you to Moon Hall School, and discussing your child’s individual needs.

Emma Fraser. 
Headmistress, Moon Hall School, Dorking