Head Teacher’s Welcome

A very warm welcome to Moon Hall Dorking, one of the very few mainstream prep schools that exist for Dyslexic pupils. Moon Hall Dorking is a small school in the middle of the Surrey Hills countryside that offers a nurturing and supportive environment up to Year 6 for your Dyslexic child. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced Teachers of Specific Learning Difficulties, and know how to tailor-make their teaching to fit the learning needs of your child. We often have children arriving that have struggled in a mainstream setting, having fallen behind their peers because of difficulties accessing the curriculum, caused by their Dyslexia. This affects confidence and self-esteem and can, in some cases, cause extreme anxiety about attending school. However, it takes very little time for a new child to integrate and feel comfortable in our little school. Classes are kept small, time is taken to rebuild foundational learning, therapies are provided and strategies for overcoming difficult areas are taught and encouraged. Most importantly, your child’s potential is recognized and celebrated.

I have been in Education for thirty years, with over twenty of those being dedicated to teaching and supporting Dyslexic individuals. The creativity of the Dyslexic mind fascinates me and I have always enjoyed the incredible creativity and problem-solving abilities that so many of these children carry. Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing a child that has been anxious about his or her learning, regain stability and start to flourish and fly. Happy children love to learn and here at Moon Hall we have happy, positive staff who love working with your children.

Too good to be true? Come and see for yourselves!

Best wishes,

Sarah George