Collaboration with Parents

Moon Hall Dorking has a strong belief in transparency and accountability.  It is right and proper that parents are informed not only of progress but of what their child is being taught in school.

To that end we publish details of the aspects of the curriculum to be covered throughout the year in all subjects, with information about key words to be introduced in different curriculum areas, and suggestions for visits or activities that parents may wish to support.

The school has a genuine Open Door policy. Teachers and the Head of School are happy to communicate with parents about any aspect about their child’s educational or welfare progress at school, or in person; meetings can be arranged at mutually convenient times with teachers, or with the Headmistress via her PA.

Reports on Attainment, Progress and Achievement

Standardised test results for english and maths are reported in writing in September and March.  End of year testing is reported for english and maths in children’s full written End of Year reports.

Parents’ Evenings are held in the Michaelmas Term (english, maths and science) and in the Lent Term (all subjects).  The Speech & Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist are available during these meetings.

Full-Time pupils receive one full written report in the Summer Term which covers Attainment, Progress and Achievement in all subjects.

Individual Educational Plans are written for all children.  All teachers, and where applicable therapists, involved with individual children contribute to the evaluation of their plans, and the drawing up of targets and suitable strategies.  These are discussed with each child and parents.  Evaluations take place at the end of each term, with targets being drawn up for the next term.