At Moon Hall we use the performing arts to introduce children to a powerful and effective set of tools for life. Drama and music are embedded into the timetable, to enable understanding and enjoyment of the curriculum and to build self-confidence and creativity.

Many of our children arrive unable to enjoy all that performing arts have to offer; they may struggle with communication or are scared to perform on stage. Our specialist teachers are trained to work with all challenges and difficulties and encourage the children to explore their creativity at their own pace, in a comfortable, safe and enjoyable space. The lessons are full of games and exercises taught in a multi-sensory way and help the children explore the tools for speaking, listening, performing and playing.

The children study drama, music & speaking and listening skills in three sessions a week and take part in end of term performances, assemblies and LAMDA Communications examinations.

One class recently worked on interpreting a poem called ‘The Horrible House on Haunted Hill’ by Kaye Umansky. The children combined music, speaking skills and drama to interpret the piece and created soundscapes, sound effects, postures and movement to act out the poem. In this multi-sensory and kinaesthetic way of teaching, the children can express themselves through speech, movement and action to access the meaning and intent of the poet or author.

The school also offers additional, individual and small group speech, drama and musical theatre lessons to prepare children for the LAMDA examinations held every year at our own private centre. The graded examinations provide a way for the children to achieve and progress their speaking and acting skills at their own pace and ability. The step by step approach has proved to be an extremely effective way to build self-esteem in our children by offering achievement and reward at every milestone.

Performing Arts at Moon Hall allows our pupils to discover their inner creativity and confidence which facilitates the children to be the best they can be, on stage, in the classroom and in every walk of life.

Follow this link to see the results of the summer 2017 LAMDA examinations

“(Child’s name) … stood up in front of an audience of around 100 largely strangers and read out a poem at a wedding on Saturday …   She did it brilliantly, after a 5 hour car journey she was kind of booted out of the car (we were running a little late) and got on with the job.   I put this ability largely down to (child’s name) but also down to the wonderful Moonhall culture of encouraging performance and Mrs Aiken’s ability to keep children keenly involved in the art of performance.   So, thank you.”  (Alpha, Year 4 parent, October 2018)