At Moon Hall Dorking, Geography is taught mainly through a topic approach to excite the children’s curiosity in experiencing and discovering the world about them. Themes relate to aspects of physical features and how human activity has affected the earth. They follow as closely as possible the programme of study set out in the National Curriculum so that our pupils can stay in line with their peers in mainstream education.

Geography teaching aims to build skills and knowledge for the real world to help the children become caring and understanding citizens of tomorrow.

Wherever possible links to learning across the curriculum help the children to remember and make sense of what they know, especially in maths, science, history, PSHEE or RE.  Literacy skills and use of ICT are reinforced throughout lessons.

Understanding the difference…making the difference:

We understand that our pupils show an intelligent and informed curiosity about their world. To make the difference and allow all learners to access and enjoy the curriculum there is an emphasis on practical learning and on fieldwork outside of the classroom. Teachers ensure that children are supported to research and record their findings using alternative methods where necessary.  This might include:

  • Research using technology
  • Music & games
  • Practical work wherever possible such as recreating a river, making a model of a water cycle or volcano
  • Lots of investigative work using an atlas or using maps and compasses
  • Adapted worksheets to reduce the pressure on written recording but with greater focus on more creative ways to record their knowledge through art, assistive technology, speaking and drama
  • Linked work to maths and ICT – including maths place value treasure hunt using directions and compass skills & ICT Beebot programming directions.
  • Fieldwork trips to Leith Hill, Sayers Croft, Sea Life Centre

Children are often fortunate enough to have the experience to travel. Help to foster their interest by having maps and globes available in the home. Map puzzles are an attractive resource to invest in.

Excellent sources of information can be found on the following websites: