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I was a pupil at Moon Hall and would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me.  I have just finished my degree at Aberystwyth University in Military History and International Politics with the result of a 1st. I don’t think I could have come so far without the help and support of all the teachers at Moon Hall and Moon Hall College, giving me the academic confidence to keep pushing even when it’s hard. I still use the bookmark that I was given as a goodbye gift from the previous Headmistress  Ms Pamela Lore. Now I have my degree. I am aiming to get into the corporate side of my degree in a consultancy capacity and try to show people, who often are naive about dyslexia and dyslexics, that dyslexia will not stand in the way of success.



On leaving Moon Hall, Hazel won the Art Prize (Chadwick cup) and an Art Scholarship to Box Hill. For the sixth form she went to Godalming Sixth Form College and studied Art, Art Textiles, History of Art and English Literature (AS only), achieving grade A at all subjects at AS, and A* in Textiles and History of Art and A in Art at A level. She was awarded a prize for achievement in Art and Textiles, and for determination and effort in History of Art (only a few prizes are awarded for each subject and it is a very large college!) She is now at Loughborough University studying Textiles: Design and Innovation, and is currently taking a placement year working in the industry, and is doing very well.  Her ambition is to work in the fashion and design industry.


Georgie graduated from Southampton University with a 2:1 in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistic and Economics. She has managed to find, probably, the only job in the world which involves her two favourite things – maths and horses. And has gone to live in Ireland, with her horse, and is working for a company that creates statistical ratings for horses/riders in the eventing world.


I for Year 6, after I was diagnosed with dyslexia a few months before. I found my time at Moon Hall enjoyable, enlightening and very helpful. I still use some of the same techniques today which I learned throughout my time at Moon Hall. I am now in my final year studying Geography at the University of Nottingham.


My family moved to the UK in 2001 and I joined Moon Hall as a year 5 student with recently diagnosed dyslexia.  I spent years 5 and 6 as a full time student in Moon Hall, and in year 7 I moved to Belmont.  After Moon Hall and Belmont I started at my senior school – Epsom College.  I then took a gap year working on a mining exploration project in Australia before going on to study for a BSc in Applied Geology at Plymouth University.  I followed this with an MSc in Mining Geology at the Camborne School of Mines (Exeter University).  I currently work for a global company called Atlas Copco, in its Semiconductor Vacuum Division based in San José, California (USA).  My position there is Turbomolecular Pump (TMP) Aftermarket Product Manager for North America.  We work mostly with the semiconductor industry, making microchips, and in my rôle I am responsible for the service, upgrade, and repair of all TMPs in the North American region.


Moon Hall has been the most important stepping stone in my education. The school gave me the understanding of how to live with Dyslexia and utilise it to its best potential, turning it on its back and making it a positive attribute to life.  I went on to study a foundation art course at Central Saint Martins, and then went onto gain a 1st Class BA (hons) at The University of Edinburgh, reading Interior Architectural Design. I am now studying my MA at The Royal College of Art in the School of Architecture. I love what I do, and I have a lot to thank Moon Hall for giving me the confidence and guiding me in the early years of my education.

WILLIAM MOWATT (Leaver July 2017)

I was at Moon Hall from year 4 – 6. I was a bit nervous when I joined as it was a long way to get there and everything was new and different….but I loved it and in the end I didn’t want to leave! The school is tiny so you get to know everyone really quickly and it is like a super friendly family. You have to work hard on English and maths – and you do LOADS of sport But, the best thing about Moon Hall is that they teach you in the right way. They understand how you can understand things so they teach you in that way – it makes learning fun. You never have to explain yourself at Moon Hall or feel stupid because your spelling is rubbish or handwriting terrible because everyone is the same – everyone is trying to get better at learning all together.


I was really struggling with my reading and writing when I came to Moon Hall Dorking in year 3. It was hard to think that I would ever be able to do normal things like read menus and the instructions for sailing competitions. The teachers were brilliant and really patient, helping me battle through and making me keep repeating everything. It was so much better than my previous school as everyone understood the problems I had. I wasn’t made to feel different to everyone else. Last year I passed my Maths GCSE a year early and now I’m sitting the rest of my GCSEs this summer. I hope to go to college to study Sport Science and then pursue a career in the sailing world.