The Senior School at Moon Hall Reigate covers the Key Stages 3 and 4 of the National Curriculum.  We take children from our own junior school, from Moon Hall School Dorking and from other schools into Year 7 and into more senior years if there are vacancies.

We teach a wide range of national curriculum subjects except foreign languages.  We use specialist subject teachers supported by dyslexia trained specialist teachers or assistant teachers.

The support we provide can become more important as children move towards their GCSE exams.  Many intelligent dyslexic children have an excellent oral vocabulary and show an ability to understand what they read which is well advanced compared to their ability to read out the difficult individual words in that text.  This is because their natural intelligence has enabled them to make correct inferences from the context of what they are reading.  However, this ability will become more problematic as vocabulary becomes more complex and careful reading of the text is imperative to understand the right inference and answer complex questions.  Many pupils need to continue to have good phonological support throughout their time in school in order to improve their decoding skills.  We are able to offer that in every English class and throughout the whole curriculum.

We teach our GCSE subjects in a method that best supports the learning strategies of the individual pupil.   We do this with small classes, extra time for literacy and numeracy, trained teachers and TA support and an adapted curriculum that allows us to gain the best possible grade for each student.

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