Mrs Sarah George

I have spent 30 years in Education which includes over 20 years working with both children, students and adults with SpLD.  I am passionate about individuals reaching their full potential and becoming confident and creative individuals who are able to excel in today’s workplace.  I have worked for a number of years in Dyslexia Centres in East Anglia working with all age groups, supporting and teaching children and students as well as mentoring dyslexic adults in the workplace.  I am an OCR Accredited Trainer in Dyslexia Awareness and have spent a number of years as SENCo in various prep schools before becoming Head of Learning Support at a large independent Prep School in Petworth.  I have spent the last two years as Lead SENCo for the Moon Hall Educational Trust before being offered the delightful job of Head Teacher at Moon Hall School in Dorking in January 2020.  I am in a hugely privileged position to be working with passionate and committed staff in such a nurturing environment.  I live in Rustington and have a dog, Chester, who comes into school from time to time and is a bit of a Moon Hall favourite!

Mrs Christine Domican

I have been a part of the Moon Hall team for over 20 years and in that time I have taken on several roles and seen many, many children come and go. I have a background in foreign languages and my interest in literacy and learning stem from this and from a family history of dyslexia. It has been heart warming to see so many of our pupils returning over the years to visit and tell their different stories of success in their educational journey. I enjoy encouraging our pupils to achieve and gain confidence across the curriculum and have helped in all aspects of school life here at Moon Hall over the years.

One area our ex pupils always tell us about is how technology has helped to transform their learning. Having taught typing for many years, and having been ICT coordinator for the last 10 years, it is very rewarding to know that we are making such a positive difference.

I have also been instrumental in leading the year 6 residential trip over the years and seeing the children in a completely different light, revealing hidden strengths and abilities as they approach their transition to secondary education.

Miss Jessica Wheeler

Initially I worked at Moon Hall as a Teaching Assistant where I gained a good understanding of how to support children with specialist needs. The role reinforced my interest to become a Teacher and inspired the ethos that I hold today in my everyday practice. Since qualifying as a teacher, I have worked in a mainstream primary school which has given me a very good foundation of the current expectations. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my time in mainstream, I was fortunate enough to return back to Moon Hall, Dorking, to follow my real interest that sparked all those years ago.

At Moon Hall I relish the opportunity to delve deeper into making children’s experience of education fun and engaging. The children have greater opportunity to have ‘hands on’, learning in a cross curricular manner, which they would struggle to get anywhere else. I have found that this secures and supports their learning in a stress free, effective but enjoyable way.

Mrs Claire Preece

After graduating as a teacher, I taught in Japan for 3 years. On my return, I taught in two mainstream schools, where I became a qualified SENCo and trained in Specific Learning Difficulties. I then started working at Moon Hall School and became qualified in Phono-Graphix fourteen years ago. My roles within the school have ranged from Group Teacher of Years 3,4,5, and 6, Form teacher of Years 3,4,and 5, Head of History, Head of Art & Design, Head of Design and Technology and Head of English.


Mrs Helen West

BSc (Hons) Psychology, PGCE (Specialism in Early Years 3 – 7), SpLD level 5,   Form Tutor, Year 6, Religious Education curriculum coordinator, School Council Chair, Forest School Leader.

My association with Moon Hall Schools Educational Trust has been, almost, lifelong.  I am the daughter of the Founder of the School and Trust and am sister of the first ever pupil.  I have taught for the Trust at both of its sites over the past 11 years.   I began my teaching career in a mainstream primary, as a form teacher within Key Stage One. I led the development of the Healthy School initiative.  I greatly enjoyed working alongside an experienced staff and having the support of a parallel form.  After four years teaching there I became frustrated with the large class sizes.  The ability to individualise the learning for each and every child so that we can see their unique needs, viewpoints and talents, underpins some children’s success.  Without personal attention and pupil specific adaptions, some children may be unable to flourish.

I joined the Moon Schools Educational Trust as a teacher at Moon Hall School, Reigate, which then had Early Years and Key Stage One departments.  Upon joining Moon Hall School Reigate I became the Head of the Early Years and Key Stage One.  Working with the youngest children was fantastic.  They are keen to explore, investigate and their wonder for the natural world is inspiring.  Using the beautiful grounds we were able to unite their awe for the world into the teaching and learning across all curriculum areas.  I trained to become a Forest School Leader whilst working at MHSR and we have now integrated this into the curriculum for all children between year 3 and year 6 at Reigate and for the year 5’s from Dorking.

Since working at Moon Hall School Dorking I have worked as a form tutor for every year group from year 3 up to year 6. In this small setting we are able to really get to know the children, their likes, their interests and their passions.  We are able to support the children to actively participate in their own personal learning journeys.  I have had the pleasure of being involved in residential trips with the children to the Isle of Wight and to the Alps.  Such experiences offer fabulous opportunities where the children can demonstrate their strengths, whilst often facing and learning to overcome personal challenge.  The children usually excel and demonstrate that they have developed resilience, independence and in built confidence that they can achieve anything.

My interests outside school also revolve around the natural environment.  I am a keen horse rider and can be found out and about in the Surrey Hills at every opportunity either on a horse or walking a dog or two.  I am a qualified BHS Riding Instructor.  Skiing is another passion and visits to the French Alps always top my list for holiday destinations.  When wanting a quieter moment I will pick up my Kindle and be lost for hours reading a variety of genres; often whilst sitting in my garden hammock.


Mrs Kerry Proudfoot-Baker

This is my 14th year working in a school both in administration and directly with children. I joined Moon Hall Dorking in January 2019 as a Teaching Assistant & Support member of Staff, helping in all aspects of school life. Moon Hall Dorking is very special and unique; it is a lovely place to work. The encouraging, positive, vibrant yet calm environment works incredibly well for our Dyslexic pupils. They engage in and respond to the specialist teaching and support provided in a targeted and effective way.

I am enjoying working in this small setting, getting to know the pupils across all year groups really well, their individual strengths, weaknesses, interests, likes, dislikes and personalities.

My husband is Dyslexic and as a mother of 2 Dyslexic children with specific Speech and Language difficulties, Sensory difficulties etc. I feel I have experience of what special needs support is from all angles. I understand what it’s like living and working with people whose brain functions in a diverse and alternative way. These intelligent individuals need to learn to adapt, using different strategies, processes, skills and approaches in order to cope in their everyday lives.

The staff at Moon Hall are professional, knowledgeable and inspirational and I very much enjoy being part of an exceptional team working towards getting the best out of each child.

I have a particular interest in children’s Emotional wellbeing. I strongly advocate that children learn better when their emotional needs are being met. Anxiety, fear and sadness are intrusive feelings that may limit our ability to absorb information and learn new skills. I am thoroughly enjoying the ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) course that I am currently studying. I am looking forward to working with our pupils to build a further caring & trusting relationship, to provide support to recognise and appropriately express their emotions. It is understanding that feelings are normal and natural and that it is how we react to them that is important. To have empathy and tolerance in their friendships and relationships. As we develop an emotional vocabulary, we are enabled to put our feelings into words. Without the language to communicate feelings, children are reliant upon communication through their behaviours.

I enjoy working with our pupils generally and in intervention sessions to gain confidence, increased self-esteem, to build resilience & independence. The children need to believe in themselves, to like and be proud of the person they are. I passionately believe that every child should have a positive experience, have fun, be happy, make memories and achieve their full potential academically, emotionally and socially.

I feel privileged to be working in such a friendly, cheerful and welcoming school.

I am originally from South Africa but have lived in the UK for 18 years.

In my spare time I love reading, gardening, cooking and baking, travelling & photography, spending quality time with family and friends & long walks with our adored dog Coco.

Mrs Kate Aiken – Head of Performing Arts

I have been part of the Moon Hall Family for over 16 years. My journey began with my children who both came here . I started teaching Drama in 2005 and have never looked back! My passion is helping the children to enjoy communicating and performing while accessing literature and many other subjects. I love to use multi-sensory drama, music and poetry to enrich their learning. I am now the Head of Performing Arts and  the Speech and Drama (LAMDA) teacher, I run a private centre for LAMDA on site which allows the children to take their examinations in the Summer in a familiar environment.  I am a qualified specialist with the LAMDA teaching Diploma and I am also qualified to teach children with SpLD with the  OCR  level Diploma  and with  the certificate in Phono-Graphix which has enhanced my understanding of the need for creative teaching and enjoying learning!

I am lucky to have had so many magical moments in my time here, children who were frightened to perform when they arrived, bouncing out of their LAMDA exams smiling from ear to ear, volunteering to stand on a stage and speak their poems. Shows full of children who have discovered that they CAN do it and even more importantly enjoy it! I am very privileged to be able to empower and enable these talented children every day.

Mrs Mary Peters

I am thrilled to have joined the Moon Hall family; from day one my heart was captured by the personalities and commitment of the children and I have been hugely impressed by the high quality and cohesiveness of the teaching staff. For the last fifteen years I have lived in France with my husband and three cats, although my work in the hospitality industry has taken me worldwide for most of the calendar year. However, as a mother of one and grandmother of two with a huge extended family in Surrey, Sussex and Kent, personal relationships are very important to me, hence my plan to gradually move domestic operations towards England. My Moon Hall collaboration is the beginning of that adventure and I am looking forward to playing a part, however minor, in the education of future generations at an important and formative stage in their lives and feel extremely privileged to be able to do so.