Email received October 2017 from a past parent

“We just thought you would like to know that G who left Moonhall/Belmont 5 years ago has just started at Imperial College London doing a Chemistry Masters degree. He achieved 9 A* GCSEs (including both English exams!) 4 As in AS Level and A*AA in Maths, Chemistry and Biology in his A levels at Lancing College.

Considering he could barely write his own name or count 1-10 in the correct order when he started at Moon Hall aged 7, we think he has excelled academically and this has been achieved in part from the amazing teaching and support he received from your school…

We think that without your specialist skills at tackling his dyslexia at an early age he would not have been able to get the high grades he managed at (his next school). He did not receive any extra support or need any extra time in his exams. He has worked incredibly hard and has an amazing work ethic and was very ambitious with his university choices, but it has all paid off and we are extremely proud of him.

It only seems like yesterday when he was diagnosed with dyslexia we were so worried for his future. It just goes to show that with an early diagnosis and the excellent teaching he has received from Moon Hall that dyslexia is not a barrier to reaching your full potential!

Best wishes

S and M F “

Parent of Y6 leaver, July ‘17

“Dearest All,

I’m not quite sure where to start in my thank yous.

So I will just say thank you so, so, so much for my son back.

I cannot believe it has only been 1 ½ yr; the difference you have all made to his confidence, and self esteem.

Truly I cannot thank you enough. It was worth every bit of the battle to get him there.

I am only sorry not to have found you sooner.

From his very first day you have made him feel safe and happy, and I can only thank you again for also bringing him the joy of reading, and even now for fun. Quite how you have made a dyslexic’s spelling so good too, is a mystery to me. I so wish I’d had a Moon Hall myself.

So again to you all, thank you, thank you thank you…. Always being there to help him, from the very first day, and most days since… still my son’s favourite teacher of all time…  Thank you for always being so kind, I am so grateful that he had you.

…Many many thanks for all your understanding and help getting him in.

Ms Fraser for this year, I wish you all the success at this amazing school.

Thank you too … for your firmness and your patience to the extreme this year, I know it requires a great deal, lol. You are the perfect transition into the next stage.

I brought you a sad anxious fearful little boy to you, who had been reduced to a shadow of his former self, and you brought him back to me. Now he is his happy confident self again, because of you. A little man, and I am super proud, and so happy We found you.

I cannot recommend you all highly enough, and thank goodness for all of us that you are there, I don’t know what we would have done without you. It is so hard to see your kid fall apart, and not know what to do. Thankfully you do.

All our love and too many thanks to write.”

Parent of Y4 child, April 2017:

“Making the decision to send my daughter to Moon Hall School was the best decision we made as a family.  The school’s home from home environment with supportive teachers and staff have enabled her to restore and develop her self esteem and self confidence, which in turn has helped her to progress and have a sense of self achievement.”  

Y6 parent, July 2017:

“Dear Ms Fraser,

Thank you for … everything you have done for us and P throughout the school year.

Moon Hall has been an amazing school for P and we are extremely happy that P can now go on to a mainstream school and take with her all she has learnt from Moon Hall.

We wish you a wonderful summer and a well deserved rest.

We shall keep in touch with you regarding P’s progress and maybe P can be one of the first girls to give a speech at prize giving one day.

Kindest regards

Thank you.”

Past Pupils – July ‘17

“Dear Emma

M and I are excited at the thought of coming back to see Moon Hall.  We think about it often, but it will be strange to see it through adult eyes.  I am currently at an independent school in North West London.  M is currently the head boy at xx school.  School is quite challenging at the moment as you can imagine, but both M and I are enjoying it and are both very excited for university next year.”

Past Parent – Feb ‘17

“Dear Emma,

Brief note just to say that all seems to be going well… She appears much more focused and motivated and seems to be performing well. Obviously she has lots to improve upon, but she is going at it from a positive place.  Great news.

Just wanted to send our thanks for listening to our concerns and acting on them. …Long may it last. Thank you.

Final point is to highlight what a great job (teacher) is doing. We greatly appreciate her focus, communication and positive interest. We have told her as much in emails, but always good for the boss to know and pass on happy customer comments.

All the best and thanks again for helping make the changes.”

(past parents)

Past Parent – Nov ‘16

“T is doing well at xx school, he is working hard and his half term report was quite pleasing. He has extra maths and comprehension support/lessons and his reading has improved a lot. He is still singing, doing drama and art, I will send you some photos of his involvement 🙂

We are missing you all, we had a great time at Moon Hall!”

Past parent – December ‘16

“Dear Ms Fraser,

… We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the school and everybody working in it, … for all that you’ve done for L over the past 2 and a bit years. He has transformed enormously and hopefully it will provide him a springboard to future success.

Many thanks and regards”